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Chapter 1, page 10Collapse )

I finished this page some time ago and was originally hoping to post it together with subsequent pages, but those subsequent pages never emerged.

At the moment I'm somewhat uncertain if I want to continue with this project. The story is great, but looking at the pages I've drawn thus far, my graphic skills simply aren't good enough to honour the story; the story deserves to be drawn by someone better than me. Plus if I keep doing one page every two months or so, it will take me years or even decades to draw out the whole thing.

I will probably think differently in a few days. But as things stand, this might be the (extremely anticlimactic) last page of Taking Islands.
For those with perverse interest in how Taking Islands and it's characters have developed, here is the first installment of (what I hope will be) a series of entires from my sketchbook. Starting off with the protagonist, Damo Cotollus.

From sea and back again: the seven years of Damo CotollusCollapse )
After a wee wait (OK, a long wait, but I was very busy), an update for TI!

Chapter 1, Pages 8 and 9Collapse )
First entry on this community. These pages have been previously posted in my own journal, so if you have been following this there thus far there's nothing new to be seen here. Unless you're interested in reading my commenting my own work.

Chapter 1, pages 1-7Collapse )